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Flying visit job done!

Vist to Dr, vet, chiropractor and mechanics all done and sorted. All successful Raes back, my gentleman bits Gordon's passport and we now have a heater in the cab. All in all a successful day.

Picked up granddaughter from school and went for a walk .

Down by the water at Totton headline news is that the seal has been spotted this far up Southampton water.

We booked a hotel tonight as we were expecting the van to take longer to fix. Unfortunately we have not been unable to cancel the booking so we have the van parked in the hotel car park!!

Never mind we have a flushing toilet shower and a room that doesn't need the handbrake to be working.

Tomorrow we are heading off to complete the final 60 miles of the South Down way from Petersfield to Brighton.

We will stay a couple of days in Brighton before heading west possibly.

It's been strange returning home it's a mix of nostalgia and stagnation. Looking forward to to heading off. We miss family and friends but the beauty of living on wheels is that we can change direction at any point.

Gordon continues to role with the punches😎🌈

His new friend is Freddie who we have liberated from the clutches of the granddaughter in an ongoing tug of war.

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