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Fog into sun.

We awoke this morning and visibility was down to approximately 10 ft. The cloud took most of the morning to burn off. However when it did the sunshine was glorious. The day was spent at work where we both worked in and out of the office. Outside we finished off the painting that Rae started yesterday. We also did some mowing and general tidying. As we were about to finish a elder gentleman unfortunately tripped over a kerb and injured his shoulder. At the time of writing he is contacting 111. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be too serious but he is unable to drive.

Meanwhile brother Bill has been out and about photographing things in the local area.

The local castle that apparently has figured in one of the Bond movies.

A local Heron.

Which was situated near the cemetery.

He is staying for a couple more days and hopefully will be out and about taking more great photos.

We are working tomorrow and the weather forecast is for another fine day. Mushrooms are beginning to blossom which is the first sign of autumn approaching and signals the upcoming end to our time here in the Highlands.

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