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Football Africa and help it all gets a little stressful.

Updated: Jan 23

When we left off we were on our way to the football it was an amazing experience but a dire game of football.

For the purists Seville won an uninspiring game 1/0 with a late VAR penalty.

The atmosphere was great and we are pleased we went.

We took the bikes back to the flat but were unable to find locking stations nearby. All in all this meant a late night with an early start looming.

This has been our bedroom for the last 6 days . Loved our stay but will enjoy a little more space next place.

Got up in time and walked the 40 minutes or so to the coach station and caught the bus on time.

3 hour bus journey to the ferry port!

There were great views of Gibraltar whilst we waited.

Eventually they came and found us as we were the only foot passengers on the boat. Which meant we had our own passport control border force luggage check bus transfer and were escorted on and off the boat personally.

When we got to Morocco the huge ferry terminal had only us on it! No buses no trains so we had to settle for a taxi. There were about twenty vying for our business. In the end we were convinced that we needed to pay about £25 for a 40 plus minute drive into Tangier. In hindsight the quicker slightly more expensive route from Tarifa would have been the best bet. This was enforced by our host who had to come and rescue us.

We were left by the taxi driver in the kazbah surrounded by people who had no common language and we had no access to the internet. Which meant we had no idea where we were or how to get to the place we had arranged to stay. Just as we were starting to panic a fight broke out with some of the street children at our feet!

So we retreated to the best looking cafe we could see and luckily they had Wi-Fi. Which meant we could contact our host who happened to be driving past and he came to our rescue. A little frosty at first but with some grovelling from us we managed to save the situation.

So we sat in our tiny house in the middle of the Kasbah fighting with the internet.( Oh and we have a touch of the snivels as well) starting to question some of our life choices.

We then had to venture out with no map and try to negotiate some food. Managed to find a little restaurant had food then a massive row kicked off .

Luckily no violence occurred. We scuttled off and decided to draw breath and try and sort the internet issue out tomorrow.

Which is the reason there are no photos of Morocco as yet. I will try to rectify that tomorrow.

On the plus side everyone has been very pleasant to us.

It's strange we've only traveled a few miles we can still see Spain and yet it feels we are in a totally different world. I guess when one's on a package holiday you're not thrown into the middle of all this chaos and expected to get on with it.

But it's certainly not boring and the sun is shining!

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