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Four seasons in a day! Also the midge myth.

When we heard that we were coming to work in the Highlands 2 things we were told over and again were that you will experience 4 seasons in a day and the midges will make your life intolerable. Apparently the midges cost Scottish tourism millions of pounds in lost revenue. I think it’s a myth that the highlanders spout and give credence too to try and deter the hordes of sassanchs that would otherwise invade and potentially ruin this truly beautiful country. I’ve been here for 7 months and not been bitten once. Rae has been nibbled on occasion. Guinness is the deterrent!

I’m a true convert and would urge anyone who can to get up here at least once in there lifetime

As far as four seasons in one day,this time they have understated the facts. If the weather is n too your liking then sit awhile and it will change!

You can in truth get 4 seasons in an hour! Today in the morning it was cold wet and foggy it then ranged from sunshine heat cold and then back to rain and fog in the evening. It’s beginning to slow down a little on site. We are definitely on the downward curve.

Day spent digging out bark and laying it around the hedges. Leaf blowing and general tidying up.

Weather forecast is as today so we will expect the unexpected. Working tomorrow and day off Saturday. Our last 3 days adventure starts on Tuesday when we head to Glencoe for a stay on loch side and to visit our little bit of land that entities us to be called Laird and Lady Westmacott. A Christmas gift from Paul Rae’s brother.

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