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Friends reunited.

We had to be off site by 12. A beautiful morning time spent packing up and discussing how and when we need to rationalise our belongings. It's early days and what we are learning is that we have a lot to learn. It looks like our fridge has packed up and they are a specialist item as the run on gas, electricity or batteries. Obviously as a specialist item they ain't cheap. Another concern is we may have burnt out the motor on the electric bike dragging Gordon up the hill . All in all an expensive and harsh introduction to life on the road.

Anyho up and at em.

So we are contemplating our first night free camping. We are both a lot apprehensive about this but for this to succeed we have to suck it up and put our big boy pants on.

We headed off to Dunster to catch up with Tony an old work colleague and his wife Jenny.

They moved down here and in truth it's a beautiful place and rare jewel.

Dunster castle in the background we are visiting that tomorrow as it's a National Trust castle and we are members.

Gordon loving life . We then walked down to the sea via the steam railway.

We walked along the sea which in and of itself was beautiful.

It was good catching up with friends and we headed off into Dunster looking for food without a face with little success.

Eventually ended up in the rough end of Dunster we were unable to find food.

So had to settle fo the poshest place as we were ravenous just took the win as they let us in god knows why I wouldn't.

We've managed to hide away in the corner of a carpark. The life we have chosen is full of glamour.

This is something we won't become accustomed too.

Castle and surprise booked for tomorrow.

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