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From Beach to Country

Another beautiful day with sunshine and incredibly mild weather. We've had a great time and it's been a rare privilege to be able too stay right next to the sea. We both feel that we should be respectful and not take advantage of places like this. It would be all to easy to stay for longer but we would risk alienating the residents and possibly ruin it for others. The van community ( yep there's a Facebook page as well as numerous forums) unwritten rules are don't overstay your welcome and leave nothing behind. If nature calls the take a shovel!

We had chips on the last stroll as a farewell treat and to help with the recovery process,,we got a little overexcited last night.Went to see some live music at a local pub and were in the middle of a wake. Strange combination but seemed to work, at least for us🤷‍♀️.

Shared our lunch with some persistent onlookers.

Gordon was bemused as birds are supposed to be scared of him, these treated him with disdain.

There's a gratuitous action shot I quite liked!

We've booked onto a farm in the middle of nowhere for 5 nights so we can explore Dartmoor and the surrounding areas.

It's cheap and beautiful surroundings. But it's down very narrow Devon county lanes and there was a large motorcross event jut finishing as we arrived. This meant that we had to reverse great distances to allow the traffic exiting to get through.

When we eventually arrived the farmer was very apologetic and explained that everyone would be leaving shortly and tonight it will only be us and one other on site. So we squeezed into a muddy space and waited until people had left.

This is the view from our front door not too shabby!

I think we have land and sea covered.

A quick stroll around about before settling down for the evening.

New neighbours,my god it's so quiet and beautiful.

What a place to end up in, we will enjoy the next 5 days!!!

Tomorrow hopefully I've been recommended an electric bike specialist so we maybe able too get the bike sorted which will make everything a lot easier 😎🌈.

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