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From one campsite to another.

A pleasant stay at a small peaceful campsite. Elgin itself is a nice town and an ideal break away from the isolation and beauty of the Highlands. Before we set off we had to make a detour to have 2 new tires fitted to the van. We noticed as we reversed onto the pitch that both tires were predominantly bald. Whilst we were waiting for them to be fitted we walked to the local park. We were having a sandwich when we looked up to see our first pine marten another entry into new wildlife spotted.

We then started our journey from east to west coast

Across the Inverness bridge and on into the Highlands.

Passing a couple of possible Crannocks on the way?

We are back to work tomorrow for the next 2 and half days. The weather is looking a bit ominous with heavy rain thunderstorms and weather warnings in place. Unfortunately we have yet to cure the leak in the van despite our best efforts

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