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From the sublime to the ridiculous via gods brew!

A beautiful morning luckily, as the replacement motor and wheel for the bike had arrived yesterday and I spent a fruitful morning switching wheels and tyres. It worked!!! . As we had bought it on line we were a little concerned that we had no shop to return it to. Can't fault the customer service.

Meanwhile Rae was preparing the van for the road once more. We had identified a deluxe carpark in Exeter and we set off a little later than we had anticipated.

The site we left was in a glorious place with stunning views. However they had a couple of incontinent dogs wandering around the site leaving packages around. Typically the last day Rae found one and brought it in with her. The showers were cold and toilets never cleaned. Would we come back? Probably if they could make the roads a little wider or we had a smaller vehicle.

Eventually set off and on the way we passed a sign for Bucfastleigh Abbey so thought why not . The wine they make played a pivotal role in our wedding!!

The grounds were great and the Abbey itself was a revelation. Apparently it was rebuilt in 1906 and completed in 1936. 6 monks did it with some help from specialists.


Mind you they had nothing else to do!

Or maybe they had some Devine intervention also very popular on the streets of Glasgow.

Found the carpark and payed the extortionate fee if £5 for 24 hours.

The views ain't great but bang smack in the middle of Exeter one should not complain.

A pleasant stroll around the marina and boutique shops a few minutes from our home.

Toilet is 10 minutes away for the morning sprint if required.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get the bikes out and spend the day in and around Exeter . Good reviews on the app so fingers crossed for a quiet night!

That's the cathedral in the background. A lady auditioning for The Birds!!!

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