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Frustrating day

The app has had a complete meltdown I've tried everything to get it to work. In truth this sort of sums the day up. Last night was great!

We had the sea breaking over the van . The only way we could be closer to the sea was to hire a boat. No other disruptions. Then in the morning it all went wrong first Raes bike broke. Fixed that then mine died. Couldn't fix it. 4 hours of packing unpacking and calls left us frustrated and a little angry. We had planned a gentle ride towards Dartmouth but best laid plans etc....

So we set of to Torquay for a walk. A beautiful day for promenading. The weather was glorious again way to hot for the middle of November.

So a truncated entry due to technical difficulties. I will continue to try and navigate through this process and hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Tomorrow we head for Dartmoor and a cheap campsite in the middle of nowhere.

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