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Fucxxxg hippies.

A beautiful day of sunshine and high temperatures. According to a local I spoke to a park ranger this is the best weather for a summer he can remember. He also confirmed that the midges have never been so underrepresented. I guess our luck holds so far.

One of our routine tasks is a twice daily bin run. The bins are clearly marked for glass, recycling and general waste. I have yet to complete the bin runs without having people dumping all rubbish in the wrong bins. These are supposedly successful privileged people who have amassed enough money to invest in vehicles in excess of £100,000. They are by and large in there late fifties and mostly retired with children and grandchildren. They have plenty of time as they are on holiday but still are so caught up in themselves that they can’t or won’t take the time to sort out there rubbish. However they continue to saunter around the country in there gas guzzerling white behemoths. I know it sounds a bit hippy dippy but it’s the one thing I struggle to comprehend. Sadly it’s not just the older generation in my last office young parents were throwing cans in general rubbish rather than put them in the recycling bin across the room.


We had our first incident of someone driving off today whilst still attached to the electric bollard.Not advisable if you want an undamaged vehicle and bollard. Otherwise a largely uneventful day.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to reattach the demountable in preparation for our return home. It will also give us the ability to pop off site for a night here and there when have time off. A little anxious as it can be a stressful event but we have all day to complete. Here it is at present hopefully tomorrow it will be back together 🤞.

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