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Fun nanny

Son left and daughter arrived which means we now have two cousins and a daughter. Eldest granddaughter Elodie has returned home as she has a cheerleading event.

We spent the day playing cards swimming and walking around the local area.

Tonight we have bought tickets for a Halloween event for the grandchildren. It includes unlimited rides on the funfair a scary maze and fireworks. Two children and one adult which means the other 2 adults will need to wait in the pub. Luckily I've won so will be able to watch from the dry.

Severe weather warning issued for tonight but hopefully we will be safe and sound back in the van before the storm!

The grandkids are enjoying the evening as fun nanny is out.( Rae has had a couple of beers) 🫠

Tomorrow l have to return to Totton early afternoon for a scan. So not sure of activities at this point. So far enjoying the holiday with everyone and it's great to catch up with them all!!

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