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Funeral eve

We made the trip from deepest darkest Dorset via Totton to West Meon. The trip to my sisters was in preparation for her husbands funeral tomorrow.

The weather in Dorset was a little warmer but with a wind chill.

As we headed towards West Meon the scenery became a little more snowy.

When we arrived at sisters the garden was very Christmasy.

Gordon reluctantly agreed to come in as his nemesis Higs the cat is in residence. So to cushion the blow we took him for a winter's stroll around the adjacent field.

Tonight is the first time we've sat in warmth to the extent we even had to take our jumpers off! Sister has the most efficient wood burner.

We will sleep tonight in her annex a separate self contained apartment we will hardly know ourselves.

Funeral tomorrow at the sustainability center. We are helping with the pall bearing hopefully we will manage to remain upright on the potentially slippery route to the graveside!!

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