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Gale force winds and unexpected wildlife!

We had a restful night with no disturbances although it was not the most picturesque spot we've pitched up in.

We had a park behind us with toilets so both us and Gordon were happy. Got up early took a stroll along the sea front in the opposite direction we took yesterday. The winds were in excess of 40 MPH.

There's a long flat path that runs the entire length of Eastbourne bay and was surprisingly picturesque in places as well as having a bit of seaside town.

As we turned into the harbour we unexpectedly came across these 3 playing close to the shore. We spent an hour or so sitting and watching them play and shout at each other. A rare treat indeed.

Not unheard of apparently but non the less we were impressed.

A walk around the marina, lunch in the park and then we headed back to collect the car as we return to Eastleigh to visit MIL.

Near where we parked the car was this unexpected carving in the hill. He's called the long man of Wilmington nobody knows what who or why he is carved in the hills. Apparently it's the largest of its type in Europe 🤷‍♀️

Tomorrow is Siennas birthday and her party on Saturday. Afterwards we heading off to Wales for a few weeks to take stock and plan the next stage.

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