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Gales floods water test weed killings and caravan bought!

More rain and gale force winds which has seriously curtailed any outdoor work . Although it didn’t stop the weed killing machine turning up and spraying. I’ve rarely witnessed a more pointless endeavour. But ho hum. River in full flood as above.

Rain and wind playing havoc snow all gone apart from the mountain tops which when we can see them remain frosted in a light dusting of snow!

We have been measuring water temperatures to ensure that legionella can’t flourish. I always thought that it was an air conditioner issue?

We have decided to buy a 2 berth caravan as a guest room so we will have a 4 berth pod for anyone who happens to be passing 😎. Due to head off towards Glasgow tomorrow morning to view and hopefully bring it back a mere 320 miles round trip😱. In essence we will have 2 bedroom house on wheels. So a strop/sulk option will be a lot easier to manage.

As I write we had a fleeting glimpse of spring.

The constant weather change remains a wonder to us but strangely invigorating.

We are settling down to more gale force winds and torrential rain. Oh and yellow warning of snow tomorrow obviously 🙄

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