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Gannet Island

We survived last night got back to the van and there was a single mother and her 3 year old son had been abandoned by her sister. She was very nervous and was struggling to put up the tent on her own. We all pitched in and were able too sort it for her.

A lovely sunset and we had been expecting this to be the last nice day. We were determined to get up and out early as we had yellow warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms starting early afternoon.

I had wanted to get a closer look at Base Rock where the gannets hang out so with this in mind we headed off up the coast.

As you can see it was a beautiful clear morning with a view across the Firth of Forth for the first time we can see across to where we have been for the last few months.

Those are the Lomond Hills just behind where we've been staying. 16 miles as the crow flies but 50 odd miles by road.

The walk followed the coast and yet another golf course.

The water is cristal clear. Unfortunately the bird influenza has hit really hard up here. There are dead and dying birds scattered all along the shore here as elsewhere. We got closer to the island and the weather held up.

We got as close as we could and with the aid of binoculars were able to see the thousands of Gannets circling the rock. The white colour of the rock is made up of a mixture of guano and birds resting.

Just a bit further on was a cafe so we had a coffee and a cheese scone before heading back. The promised rain did not materialise and we made it back to the van unscathed.

We set up the chairs and watched Haggis the dog drift past.

Haggis is a rescued street dog and a bit of a knob. Not violent just full on. Strangely doesn't like the water so hops on for a lift😎

No rain as yet but we are expecting and hoping for a thunderstorm this evening. It will be a great place to eat it take place. We have a yellow warning for thunderstorms in place so hopefully 🤞.

We have a couple of days before we need to find a campsite for charging, emptying and showering. We will probably stay here at least for tomorrow and then see ?

Another great sunset picture from last night 😎

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