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Gardens and castles

It rained heavily last night and forecasted for rain in the morning so we had a look around for National Trust properties nearby.

By the time we got there the weather had greatly improved.

It appeared that everyone else had had the same idea. It was ramned! We had a quick scout around and decided that being in a gaggle of silver foxes was not for us.

So off to Kendal we went. Home to the eponymous mint cake. It was a pleasant surprise.

A busy but picturesque market town with a river running through it.

It also has its own castle that is situated on a hill overlooking the town with views across to the distant hills.

Unlike the previous place it was gloriously quiet. Plus we could take the dog and it was free.

We were told by a local that it is where the youth gather to drink and watch the fireworks.

You can see why much better than the park benches we had to make do with.

We've enjoyed our time in the lakes and have been blessed with the weather. It's a beautiful place to be but acces in and out is severely impacted by the terrain. It would be good to base yourself on a good bus route so you could get around.

Tomorrow we head south.

Shopping done and we have supplies I will drive the van and Gordon has called shotgun for the car!

Looking forward too catching up with everyone and the start of the next chapter!

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