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A long day of over 10 hours spent starting to pack up in preparation for the upcoming road trip. This involved packing up all the stuff in the tent. Packing it away in the van. Dismantling the bikes and stowing them. The tent was minging due to birds using it as a toilet and the trees dropping there detritus on it for the last 7 months.

First we had to wash it then move it and put it back up to wash it off.

Then the fun bit trying to get a massive tent back into its minuscule bag.

Mission accomplished with barely a cross word.

We probably won't bring the tent again. We barely used it and apart from visits it was totally underused. Its also very heavy to lug around as well as taking up a lot of space in the van. The wind out awning above will we hope cover most eventualities.

After the scrubbing lifting an manhandling we were both a little stiff and sore. So we had a quick walk around the park while the tent dried.

It rained a little as we walked but not enough to delay the pack away.

The walk took us past the local 5 star hotel which used to be the Manor House for the park.

Not for the likes of us but looks cool from the outside.

Rae has Spanish and hair cut tomorrow a few things to sort out before we head off Friday.

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