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Getting ready

We have started to get ready as we need to be off site as per protocol 1 day every 28 is the contract. We also have a friend visiting next week so had to sort out the tent.

Rae had her nursing revalidation to complete and had an argument with the computer.

I busted out a tin of Hameright and painted the trim on the van. It's a bit of a risk but I've used it before on other vehicles.

A before and after shot of the van. Black first then white fir the main cab.

Gordon took advantage of the downtime to recharge his batteries. It's becoming increasingly clear that he struggles with the long walks. It's not going to be long before we have to work out how to adjust our schedule to accommodate him.

Tomorrow we are awaiting for the replacement door lock to be delivered so that we can be secure on our travels.

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