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Getting ready!

The dog was dropped off earlier than expected as Uncle Bill was going out. Gordon not happy and Rae feeling guilty. We are leaving early tomorrow morning.

The day was spent getting ready and buying festival staples ( mainly alcohol). We also filled up with diesel and LPG which continues to save us a great deal of money. If we were to buy the Calor bottles it would cost over £40. For the equivalent amount of LPG it costs £10.

Unfortunately we have noticed that the front tyres are a little worn. When driving in Spain they insist on all weather tyres. I didn't know that you could get summer,winter and all weather tyres? Apparently you can and you can see the difference so tge Spanish police can and will fine you.Of course the all weather ones are more expensive! Luckily not all that much more. We are booked into tomorrow at 9.15 on our way towards Cumbria.

We also took the opportunity to jet wash as much of the tree debris as we could from the van. So along with its paint it's looking like it is now loved again.

We've painted the trim in black Hammerite and it really has bought it up well!

So fingers crossed for the weather for the next 4 days🤞

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