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Getting sorted and off to see Frankie

We we're feeling a little lethargic this morning! Must be something to do with the water up here. Last night we had left the games and made a slightly wobbly detour to a couple of the local pubs. We had to have a wristband which we had reserved earlier as they were expecting the pubs to be ramned.

The mechanic's arrived on site at about 10. There was a lot of teeth sucking and they said that they had never seen anything like it! Both horrifying and reassuring as it's highly unlikely to happen again. Anyway they are coming back tomorrow to take the wheel away and they will leave the van in situ which means we will not be homeless. Which is a bonus.

We set off at around 14.00 to drive the hour is so to Strathclyde to look around the country park there.

We were supposed to staying on the campsite here but had to cancel due to being wheeless.

It was a major surprise we had no idea how big it was. We had stayed here previously overnight back when we were staying and working in the Highlands.

It is another stunning park.

A mixture of woodlands green spaces

And views across to the city beyond.

A surprisingly quiet and beautiful park considering it sits on a major motorway junction. The only disappointment was the huge amount of rubbish and disposable barbecues left behind by careless and unthinking cretins!

Had a nice meal at the Toby carvery before the final leg into Glasgow to see Frankie Boyle. At times his comedy is a little near the knuckle so it will be an interesting experience.

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