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Giant’s Willy and no blood.

Another day that surpassed the forecast. We keep a keen eye on weather forecast when deciding and planning the next day's activities. It becomes a bit of a problem if we get drenched not whilst out as we have the appropriate clothing but trying to dry clothing off in the van . We already have a full time fight keeping up with dampness.

So anyway we decided to spend a bit of time in Dorchester but chanced a diversion to view the giant of Cerne Abbas. It was a bit dank on the way to him and we had to brave a very deep ford but survived.

We walked up the hill the giant is fenced off and as far as seeing him it was a little bit of a wast of time.

Good walk through.

Eventually got to the top and this is the best you can see close up.

A much better view with no effort can be had from the view point on the main road.

Nobody knows why or how long he's been strutting his stuff. Apparently if a young lady sits on his phallus it may help her become pregnant 😳.

The village is a delight and there's an old abbey with a hermits well which has healing properties?

The duck pond had flooded but the stream ran through the village.

This I believe is the source of the river Piddle named in honour of the giant and the spring near his genitalia.

Having enjoyed our time in Cerne we visited Dorchester. A nice town and as I was passing a blood donation centre a tried to give blood as there's a shortage currently. Unfortunately my haemoglobin was slightly lowered so unable to donate today.

Returned to the van and looking at the weather we shall start packing early in the morning when rain 🌧️ s due. Possibly catch bus to Weymouth to say goodbye before we head homeward on the 24th.

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