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Going further back in time

Another day another world heritage site. This time it's the Romans that take center stage.

Last night was cold but not freezing. As we had a relatively short journey of about an hour to our next destination we had time to do some shopping before we commenced the journey.

Again beautiful straight, quiet dual carriageway the entire way. Things became a little fraught at the end as our road was blocked by low bridges that the van would not fit under. After a few converluted route adjustments we eventually got to where we needed to be.

The van park is very basic but is right in the centre of town.

We got settled and went for a circular walk of some 6 miles along side 1st on river . Looking up on the Roman aqueduct we saw several pairs of storks nesting. It's things like this that bring home the reality of how far from home we are.

There are viaducts and aquaducts walls and ruins every where we looked.

It's amazing that they are still standing in such great condition. I guess it's the climate that helps preserve this stuff. It seems strange that that over the centuries no one has pulled them down too build houses or the like?

We walked along side the small river that fed into the much grander and picturesque bigger river.

There's a real mix of ancient and modern. This new bridge across the river is beautiful in its own right.

The old Roman Bridge is now used for foot traffic only but is remarkably well preserved.

These are the old walks running alongside the river.

Our first sighting of an orange tree in the town. Something that is everywhere in Seville. The oranges are very bitter and used only for marmalade.

Another beautiful town with so much to explore. We are here tomorrow and tomorrow night. We will spend the day exploring the many Roman palaces temples and amphitheaters. It's set fair again and if anything like today we shall need to dress for summer during the day and winter at night.

A couple of pictures from last night it was truly captivating.

It's stramgr being out with all this Christmas stuff going on in the relative warmth and no rain 😎

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