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Going Native and a dogs shame!

Another glorious cloudless day saw us staying local as we have tickets for a Queen covers band this evening. Unfortunately it doesn't start until 10.30. The Spanish hours are totally different. Shops open at 10.00 shut at 2.00 then open again at 6.00 closing st around 10.00 this is only a rough guide. If they don't fancy it they don't turn up. These hours make total sense especially in the summer when the heat is extreme. The same for schools and universities they are all still open until today then retun after Christmas. Instead they have 3 months off in the summer.

Anyway all this means that nobody goes out much before 10 at night. So we went for a walk .

The local stray cats are well looked after by the locals. They have set up food and watering stations for them . Lucky cats all in top condition.

But they don't follow the rules like most British cats.

Gordon has developed a strange affliction namely cat blindness.

Even when one of them literally steals the food from his mouth. Seaking safety and reassurance.

He's also not coping terribly well with the heat but luckily there's a bit of a wooded area close by we can walk him in.

There also some shade on the beach which he can make use of whilst we make the most of the day.

Beaches are surprisingly empty!

The largest cruise ship in the world is having the finishing touches across the bay before it heads to the states. 7500 passengers and 2500 crew.

Returned to the van attempted to have a siesta but sadly out of practice. We have located a pizza restaurant and will grab one before the gig. Neither of us are feeling it at the moment but we shall see. It's not like we have work in the morning 🫠

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2 Yorum

Rae Rourke
Rae Rourke
23 Ara 2023

All set for Christmas? Did you go to the solstice?


Lizzie Roberts
Lizzie Roberts
23 Ara 2023

Looks and sounds great there. Glad Gordon has let his guard down slightly and warmed to the cats 😅

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