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Golden Eagles great views and a long bike ride.

We had a day off today so decided to cycle with Gordon in his trailer attached to my bike. The road we choose was the old road to Skye before they blasted a way through the cliffs edge. At the top we stopped to call the grandchildren and while we stopped took some pictures from the view point. Looking up we saw not one but 2 golden eagles.

Not a great picture but a great experience. We then carried on to the local village and then returned via the main road to the local pub for a meal.

Weather closed in with rain in the evening luckily we have a football match to watch surprisingly little or no interest from the locals.

Working for the next 3 days rain appears to be set in. At least it may wash away the wee ones.

We continue to benefit from our electrically enhanced bicycles when out cycling in the Highlands. As does Gordon!

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