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Goodbye to Inverness walk by the Ness and the Caledonian Canal

Got up early and headed out for a walk alongside the river Ness up onto the Caledonian Canal. A very pleasant walk onto the islands in the river a great park a boating lake and then up along the canal

We passed a weir on the river before we reached the canal.

The Caledonian canal was built in the 1820s and links the east and west coast of Scotland starting in Inverness and ending in Fort William. Largely a white elephant and is now used predominantly for leisure craft and passes through Loch Ness. It has 29 locks and is 60 miles long.

We had a good time in Inverness it’s a nice city with a good feel to it.

We will definitely be revisiting at some point.

We returned back to base via Loch Ness as this was deemed the safest route by my co pilot. The van and caravan is a particularly long vehicle.

On the way back as we neared the end of our journey there’s still a smattering of snow on the mountains as we near the end of May!

Back to work tomorrow. We have our first reports of midge attacks😱. I suppose it’s about right as the weather improves the midges arrive. Ying and yang!

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