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Gordon’s day off.

Our last day at the beach and we were treated to yet another glorious sunset.

Gordon had made it very clear that he was not up for another long walk today. It was with great reluctance that he deigned to go outside to use the facilities. Luckily Rae was off litter picking which meant Gordon and I got a boys day out.

We did a leisurely stroll up the beach grabbing rubbish when we came across it. The beach was sparsely populated despite the weather being ideal for the seaside.

At times a little rocky

Gordon found a comfortable one to settle down on.

Meanwhile Rae was being security checked before being escorted through the local RAF base to the shoreline that is part of the nature reserve. Along with volunteers both civilian and military started the litter pick which included aircraft tyres, rolls of barbed wire, water tanks and domestic waste.

Whilst avoiding Oyster catchers nest of sorts in the middle of the carpark which is now closed for the duration.

A successful and enjoyable experience for her.

Meanwhile the boys headed off in search of LPG which is rapidly becoming a rare commodity. A shame as we have recently had the van converted to LPG for the heating cooking and fridge.

We rendezvoused back at base camp went swimming and then prised Gordon off his bed and out for a stroll around the adjacent park.

Rhododendrons are starting to flower in batches.

Tomorrow Rae is off tree rescuing and we will walk to meet up with her in the afternoon.

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