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Gordon sitting.

A day of two halves. Rae was on voluntary duty and I was left looking after Gordon. Rae left at 9 and I walked with Gordon to meet up in a local village.

We have managed to find a path from the campsite to the town centre which passes through another park.

Before winding through a rather drab town centre into another park.

With the Lomond hills in the background. That's where Rae is doing her volunteer duties.

The path runs through the park and alongside the river.

Under the suspension bridge.

Bearing in mind that this is a public park and wedged between very uninspiring housing developments it's a delight to walk through.

Again it shows how much more space there is up here. In England there's a population density of 450 people per square kilometre in Scotland it's 70 .

We met up in the town of Leslie before returning to base camp.

Tomorrow rain is expected so we will wait and see what if anything we can do!

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