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Grandma and great grandma makeover

A wet and windy night but managed to sleep through it with the aid of a night cap. The site was emptying as it was the last day before it closes for the winter. Something the local wildlife was quick to take advantage of.

We then returned to the graveyard to give grandma a makeover and discovered great grandma nearby. Did a bit of a facelift for her as well. Apparently great grandma had 10 children 5 girls and 5 boys as well as losing 2 at birth and still lived into her 80s. This meant that my father had 10 uncles and aunts! How many cousins would he have had? Not a mention from him of any. Something must've gone awry somewhere?

We then set off to Bridport and arrived at the campsite to find that we are a high ridge overlooking Bridport with nothing between us an the sea. We had arranged this to avoid the gale force winds 😳. Oh well at least we are face on to the winds and not sideways. The journey hear was interesting with the van being blown across the road on occasion.

The view from our high up advantage point. With the sea in the distance.

We took advantage of the gap in the rain to go for a circular walk around the site.

Great views but would be better in less overcast conditions.

Varied paths through woods.


And a bit of mud.

We are probably going to catch a bus to Lyme Regis tomorrow. It will be interesting to walk along the beach as the winds are continuing to blow at over 50 mph. Apparently it's a good time to discover fossils for which the beach is famous.

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