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Granton on Spey day 2

We had a really good night out last night. Good pubs good food and locals able and willing to engage in interesting conversation. In one pub the Barmaid was from Petersfield and one of the customers was working on the M27 roadworks. Small world indeed. Today the morning was accompanied by numerous fighter jets out on patrol. We are very close to RAF Lossiemouth.

Relaxing and reading were the order of the day. Interspersed with a couple of walks.

There’s a old railway line that runs for 25 miles behind the campsite. It lead to the local viewpoint with sweeping views of Grafton and the Cairngorm.

It’s a lovely spot the campsite is quiet and antiseptic but non the worse for that. The showers were probably the best we have experienced since leaving home.

Tomorrow we head for base and back to work on Friday. Less than 4 weeks before the site closes and we start our travels.

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