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Great catch up

Got up showered emptied toilet and did washing up. We then moved a couple of miles down the road to Dunster to meet up with Tony and Jenny and spent a really enjoyable day having lunch walking and having supper. A rare luxury of eating out twice in one day. The company was great and it was good to have another couple to talk with.

The walk took us slong the shore line unfortunately the views were restricted by the fog. Ordinarily you can see across the Bristol Channel to Barry Island.

The view inland was also obscured but take my word for it it's is ordinarily a great view

All in all a great day and Gordon loved being in a real house with carpets and warmth.

Tomorrow we had towards home and family duties for the 19 days or so before hitting the road once more. The next stage is Dorset again. Then we head slowly upward towards Scotland.

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