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Grey start circular walk a weird circle and disputed distance oh and a bothy or two!

Up nice and early set off in a bit of drizzle all three of us in waterproofs which we soon abandoned as the rain stopped and the climbs began. We shared the initial bit of the walk with a Munro bagger who was off to bag 2 today he had 38 to go and had taken him 20 years so far. It was nice to chat and made the steepest part of the walk entertaining.

We parted ways

He went left and we went straight on with this behind us!

And this in front of us

We kept on walking up until we breached the summit and were greeted by this stunning view.

Down we walked and all the while the beauty kept unfolding before us.

The loch has its own private island nice but running out of milk would be annoying!

We walked alongside the loch had to briefly net up as we entered a midges stronghold .

We then came across this!

A little weird and a great deal of beautiful. We must have come across at least 11 carcasses in various states of decomposition. Underlining the harsh reality of the majestic beauty that surrounds us.

Gordon remained interested but unsure why we are doing this again!

We found another antler well I did and sent Rae up the hill to grab it.

Followed the river down and managed to locate ourselves on the map a little deviation when holding map upside down but regained the path. We need to get better at map reading 🥺.

Regained the path and found our first Bothy!

A bothy is a farmers building that has been donated. There’s a bothy organisation that coordinates these buildings mostly in Scotland but some in Wales. They are for long distance walkers and maintained by volunteers . Inside are crude wooden bunk beds and little else. A big notice and a spade asking you to be at least 50 meters from the bothy before you see to business!

Onwards and upwards.

With the odd waterfalls to distract us.

And finally the way home !

A great day a great walk and the company not so bad.

We had a little dispute over the distance but I submit definitive proof

A beautiful flower on the way! Guinness beckons but as a final thought if you walk a little and want to sample a little of the remaining wilderness left to us then put the Highlands on your bucket list!

A rest day tomorrow I hope!

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