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Gym and the lang toun

Off to the gym in the morning then lunch in the van before we caught the train into Kilkaldy. It has a reputation for a down on its luck place with a large substance abuse community. There are certainly a few of those casualties around but the more we visit the more we see the other side.

It has some beautiful buildings and away from the estate it has a nice feel to it.

2 beautiful parks a seafront which admittedly relies on the tide being out for a beach.

The high street is not that special but reflects the decline of high streets everywhere.

We strolled along the beach ( tide was not fully in).

Looked one way.

The other way told a different story and as the prevailing winds were from that direction we decided to beat a hasty retreat.

Usually you get a great view across to Edinburgh and Berwick

We wandered around a bit before grabbing the train home.

Weather remains unsettled so we are not decided on plans for tomorrow. The Edinburgh fringe is coming up and we have free tickets for a few BBC shows.

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