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Hail and hearty

Weather was forecast as high winds and rain. So we decided on plan B. Bus to Biddeford and walk the 12 miles back to Barnstable. We got two rover bus tickets for £8.00 and set off.

It was an hour and half bus journey and as we got off we got caught in a sharp and brutal hailstorm. Gordon had to be carried as he refused to walk.

The start of the walk as we crossed the river. We immediately picked up the Taka trail which is an old railway line tarmaced in its entirety.

It's a very easy walking route but very obviously designed with cyclists in mind.

We took a slight detour on to the coastal path for a while. The tide was out which meant we had a portion of the walk across sandy beaches.

We all appreciated the change of terrain and scenery. Although at one point it became a little rocky.

We were incredibly lucky and apart from the initial hailstones we managed to stay ahead of the weather. At times the wind was ferocious but fortunately it was coming from behind so helped us on our way.

We made good time and arrived in Barnstable in good time and in daylight.

We popped into a pub to watch a bit of football.

Then negotiated the bus back to base.

Tomorrow weather permitting we will attempt to take the bikes out for a spin. It seems that our repair was successful so fingers crossed we can load Gordon into his chariot and go exploring.

We have extended our stay on this site for a further 3 days . Means we can explore further and the bus system is god and reasonably priced.

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