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Hail Caesar

We had a slightly delayed start as Rae had her Spanish lesson until 10. We then once again consulted the All Trails oracle and selected a 8 mile circular walk starting and ending at the campsite.

Starting off across the fields before we had a spot of roadwork following the military road.

Through this village which weirdly enough is named after the pub or the other way round?

We then turned up towards the wall again.

This is apparently the most iconic spot on the wall.

The Sycamore Gap.

From another angle.

We carried on towards the highest point on the wall. This part they hadn't bothered too fortify for obvious reasons.

It also has the added advantage of a natural water barrier or moat?

All the time we were plagued by heavy hail showers.

Gordon was to say the least was far from impressed and was trying very hard to climb inside Raes coat to escape.

Aside from the weather it was another great walk and the wall maintained its attraction.

Certainly not wheelchair accessible. We were very glad that we had our hiking poles with us as some of the descents were a little difficult.

The 3 days we are here will give us enough time to explore this section of the wall which is the most intact and the highest point with the views to match.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get the bus to the Roman Castle then walking back to camp.

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