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Half day

Rae had Spanish in the morning so the boys had to vacate the van and brave the elements as it was very overcast and drizzly.

Gordon was in a hurry to find shelter. The rain gradually ceased and the clouds moved away. So we decided to head to Leven a local town by the sea. We walked up and around the park which once again was beautiful like all the other parks up here so far.

We walked up one side of the valley and down the other.

We then walked past the Leven link golf course and along the beach.

I think there's a off road path from site to the beach which will be good to get sorted for the upcoming good weather. Speaking of which I think we have a sunny patch on the horizon. It will be nice to have a prolonged period of good weather. The locals tell us that this has been one of the most unsettled spring for a while.

We shall take advantage of the good weather tomorrow and plan accordingly.

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