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Half day afternoon by the loch. No otters but a seal!

A beautiful day and as we had the afternoon off we decided to take a couple of seats and head off to the loch side with binoculars and some music . No otters but loads of Herons oyster catchers dippers and the odd duck. The highlight was a seal that popped up to say hello.

The sun sparkled off the water and we remain grateful that we are in a part of the world where an afternoon stroll takes you to a place like this with the possibility of seeing otters seals and eagles to name a few! Determined not to take this for granted and count our blessings every day.

On the way home we were watched keenly by this fellow making sure we were behaving ourselves!

All packed and ready to head off at 6 tomorrow for our walk up Ben Nevis. One of the things that we always thought other people did. It will be a fitting achievement to mark our stay in the highlands. So fingers crossed all goes well! We will be mindful of the potential for disaster as last week an experienced 24 year old hillwalker very sadly lost her life🥺.

Gordon and Rae on the lookout 👀.

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