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Half day and less than half a castle

Our half day off so worked the morning then headed off out. The campsite is now beginning to take shape people coming and going. Lots to learn as now we are getting down to the day to day work of working on a campsite. It takes 3 years or so before they normally promote to managers. Probably about right. Lots of online training but need to put that into practice.

Headed out to Sky and went for a walk to a ruined castle which was only accessible at low tide. We went overland obviously but managed to scrabble our way there!

The tide was out and we returned the easier way.

Via a couple of shipwrecks.

First a selfie with the Sky bridge in the background!!

Bumped into a retired vet on his way to the end of Sky for a solo trek with his dog. Unfortunately dogs not allowed on busses in Scotland. He told us that the author of Ring of Brightwater lived on the Sky bridge island before the bridge was built. He was a renowned drinker and was convinced that his house was haunted. Apparently the local youths of the time would row out to the island and rattle his doors and windows for shits and giggles😏.

His house

Under the bridge back to the van by and the scenic route home. Off to Inverness tomorrow for more dental interventions. But first a not often seen views of the Sky bridge

And this

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