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Half day half a mountain and a newt I think 🤔

The weather dramatically improved as the morning progressed just in time for myself and Gordon to head out on a scouting mission. The plan was to head up the Glen Afric way a long distance footpath that runs from us some 40 plus miles.

We had gone a mile or so when the local crofter accosted us and requested we about turn. He was concerned that Gordon would so terrify his sheep that they would all spontaneously abort. I would point out that he was on a lead and would have remained so. However discretion being the better part of valour we about turned and made our way up the adjacent Munro.

Passing what I think was a newt. If so it’s the first one I have seen since I was a child.


Past fields of stags at one point two of them were on there hind legs like boxing hares!

Unfortunately didn’t get to grab a photo.

Up the side of the Munro with stunning views of the valley and the campsite.

Climbed 3/4 of the way up

Before slipping and sliding down to meet Rae who had set off later.

We meandered back on the look out for antlers to add to our collection.

No luck but did stumble across this horrifying beast.

We left well alone as it was all a little satanic 😱.

Off eagle 🦅 hunting tomorrow on Sky. Aiming to bag our first Munr on Thursday 🤞

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