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Half marathon biggest Loch.

We had seen the local loch on several previous walks and decided that we wanted to explore further. Thanks to the All Trails app we were able too see that there was a 13 plus mile walk around the Loch.

The path circumnavigated the loch but for the most part was away from the shore.

With the odd glimpse of the water. The path was very well maintained and traversed through woodlands.

And more open sections.

With wildlife on both the lake and land.

The reason that the shoreline is inaccessible is that it's RSPB reserve and apparently a very important breeding area.

The loch has several islands that were previously occupied by monasteries and castles one of them was where Mary Queen of Scots escaped from.

We stopped for lunch a little over halfway round in a town called Kinross which still boasts an active Cashmere yarn mill. The only mill left now from the 200 or so that were here.

The Loch also boasts a crannock now these I love. They are artificial islands made back in medieval times. They were strong holds made by banging in a circle of poles and then filling the middle with rocks. You then built houses or a fort connected to the shore with a long bridge. Easy to defend with great views. Apparently over 600 of these remain in Scotland. Just the islands unfortunately. There are a couple of reconstructions that I will try to visit.

That island is St Serfs island there was a monastery on this one until Henry the VIII decided he wanted another wife.

Loch Leven is the largest Loch in the Lowlands and has a RSPB visitor centre with great steps leading up to it. Not normally a fan of steps but...

The weather doesn't look great for the next few days not surprising as its a bank holiday weekend.

As such no firm plans for tomorrow as yet.

Those are the hill we had previously climbed that gave us the first view of the Loch.

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