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Half Marathon (walking)

Gordon appears to have had a successful sleep over but when we arrived it seemed like he was having his own # me too moment. There was a queue of amorous dog's vying for his attention. We assume he survived the night with his dignity intact. Bill the human in charge liked Gordon who now has a new respite home as and when needed.

Rae drove back whilst he and I traversed the 13+ miles back to base. A little longer than expected but after the initial town bit a pleasant walk.

Along the beach

Before heading inland via the golf course through the park

an old dovecote

Along the river.

Rae had set off from the other end following her trip to the hairdressers. She had raided the local shop and bought a picnic which we had conveniently in the one shaded spot on the walk. Gordon much to his chagrin had be immersed in a cattle trough and a river in an attempt to cool him down. Not impressed but certainly reinvigorated.

Reunited we took the path back to base camp.

We spent the early evening preparing for an early start tomorrow as we head south. Not something we had envisioned doing especially on a bank holiday weekend but ho hum it is what it is.

Hopefully we can empty the container Sunday and spend some time catching up with friends and family.

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