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Halloween at Hampton

We had an early start as we needed to be at the grandchildrens eary as parents had to work. Surprisingly they were all up and ready to go. Oldest at 14 was an expected no show. The 12 year old was a reluctant attender, but behaved impeccably as they all did.

It was great day out and there were ghosts a plenty and a couple of scary encounters.

They were very patient whilst traipsing around the palace. A beautiful day for the gardens

We headed for the maze and it took a lot longer than expected but we pushed through and triumphed at the end.

Journey home was interrupted by traffic but otherwise unaventful. Took dogs out for a walk before returning to the industrial estate that is our current home.

Off to Eastleigh tomorrow we need to crack on with the insulation as the condensation is not getting any better.

We are starting to consider our next stage of the journey. We are conscious that we are running on borrowed time as far as the weather is concerned. We've been attached to an elastic band and keep pinging back to home territory. That of course is something that we knew would be a possibility. If we are in Europe then getting back will be more difficult.

Thinking that Devon maybe the next trip with the extensive long distance cycle paths appealing along with the coast of Nort Devon. We shall see!

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