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Happy New Year.

Needed to be up and off site by 11. Raining hard but managed to get sorted. We dropped the van off in Eastleigh at Raes mums and then paid the grandkids a vist as well as dropping Gordon off at my daughters. He was less than impressed. However he needs to get used to it as he will be living there for 6 weeks when depart these shores in a couple of weeks.

Having wished everyone a happy new year we headed fit Portsmouth for 2 nights in a hotel and tge first proper night out in a while. We are at a local brewery with music from a band and local DJs we know from adt gigs.

Hopefully the weather will hold as we have an half hours walk to the venue and back.

Tomorrow we will be nursing our selfs back to health ! It's weird the hotel room is twice the size of the van in fact the bathroom is bigger than the van!

Any how Happy New Year one and all.

Not my favourite town but needs must....

Took my wife for a slap up meal at Weatherspoons for a New Year's treat! Lucky girl!

Off out now maybe a little truncated tomorrow!

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