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Hat trick

It was horrendous as we woke up and set out. Gale force winds and torrential rain. Unfortunately the motorway was steadily uphill which made the driving all the more difficult as the weight we are pulling makes the hills very slow. As a consequence the cross winds abs torrential rain were augmented by huge artics thundering past. It was a truly stressful experience. As we drove south the weather improved and when we left the motorway it stopped raining. We choose to drive through Wales and it was a good choice. The roads were at times a little winding but not busy.

After 6 hours driving we arrived in Brecon. This is potentially the site we will be working at next March. We had a long chat with the current manager. Tomorrow we are heading off to the Gower approximately 1.30 hours away to see our prospective managers . We feel it’s important to Introduce ourselves if we are going to spend 9 months working together. 3 countries in 3 days.

Off to catch up with friends tonight and borrow there car tomorrow for the trip.

Someone appears upset that the long walks have been temporarily suspended 🤓

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