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Having a look

We had decided to drive to Killin to see what the area was like to aid us in making a decision about where we will be going next year.

The waterfalls that run through the town are spectacular. This is a blessing and a curse!

They are very popular with tourists and it is very busy with people stopping for photos and not staying.

We had a walk through the town and it was set up for tourists. Bearing in mind we were out of season with a single track bridge across the river the congestion was off putting.

We decided that it was a little too isolated for us. We had been told by others that it was a great place for a short holiday I would agree but I think a little to isolated for us.

If you add in the midges and lack of public transport we have decided that we will opt for Inverness

We walked out of town and it's a very beautiful place. We had lunch on the banks of the Loch.

A sharp climb from car park down to the river

Gave us another great view of the river.

The drive through the Trussocks was beautiful and the nearly 4 hour drive flew past.

We will definitely return at some point for a proper look around.

We stopped at a town on the way back. This was probably one of the best views from a high street I've seen.

Now that we have sorted out next year we will start to get ready and plan our return journey south.

We are thinking of taking our time as we wend our way home!

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