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Hedgehogs and goodbyes.

After surviving the game if monopoly the walk back to the van was enlivened by a sadly unusual encounter. We very nearly trod on him and Gordon was nonplussed.

The last walk was embarked upon around the local lakes adjacent to our home, on the industrial estate for the last 2 weeks or so.

These walks that are close to where we have been staying make the noise and chaos of the industrial site bearable.

The morning was spent talking to and assisting grandson to start to access the support and help that he needs. We spent time in Southampton at the youth services. He is finally acknowledging that he he has a problem and that he needs help with which is a massive step in the right direction. It's one of the main reasons we returned from the north so although at the last day it's a massive relief that there is now some optimism.

We met up with Gary and Kirsty for a walk at Canada Common.

A nice early evening stroll followed by a couple of pints and a meal. A really nice way too say goodbye before the off!

In between whiles we have loaded the van and are all set for an early start tomorrow as we head back from whence we came. So next step Hadrian's wall.


When we were excluded from the van as Rae had another Spanish lesson Gordon and I made are way via the lakes to Starbucks where he was offered and I accepted on his behalf his first Pupachino.

I can assure you that this was a complementary offering and he better not get used to it if they start to as for a monetary contribution!

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