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Herbs monsters and beautiful day

So off to Inverness to return the scarifyer to its owners. Attached trailer to the van and off we went!

It bumped around a bit but stayed attached. By lucky happenchance (Rae in charge of directions) we went up over the mountains missing Loch Ness altogether! Beautiful drive with great views.Sunshine and no wind meant we got to see this!

Completely unexpected and breathtaking!!

Onward to Inverness and the campsite at Culloden our first visit to another site within the organisation. It was good to meet other employees and be shown around there site. Again impressed by the work and dedication of all that work on these sites!

There it is returned. Then off to B&Q to buy herbs and plants before returning home via Loch Ness.

Again beautiful and calm but no sign off Nessie 🤷‍♀️.

Snow on the hills still which is amazing as we were in T-shirts today.

On our return went for a stroll came across these guys running wild

Treated with mutual respect as both they and Rae can be a little unpredictable😎.

Across the river

And home. Day pottering tomorrow finishing herb garden and fixing a few little things in Luther!

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