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Here we go here we go here we go

Todays the day and we're off. A couple of doubts but had a stiff word with ourselves and put on our big boy pants and it was a breeze. A great day to pack your bags and leave these stormy shores.

A couple of last minute tasks like copying documents (thanks Christine) as always much more complicated than it should have been!

Then off to rip out Raes heart by dumping Gordon at his temporary home ( thanks Emma and family)

One last farewell walk in the English winter(so long succours😎.

Then we were dropped off at Eastleigh airport ( thanks Dave.) The first stage of the journey to Morocco. As chairman Mao said a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Then to the coach station to board the first coach of 4 stage coach journey so far that ends in SUNNY Seville.

Coach journey to London unaventful but we had to kill 4 hours before coach to Paris.

Well what can you do? Watched the Chelsea Fulham game!

Oh and speaking of football we have booked tickets for Seville v Cadiz relegation battle in La Liga .

We get on the coach at 11.00. We arrive in Paris at 8.30 then to see the Mona Lisa before getting the coach to Madrid at 5.30 . Arriving in Madrid at 10.00.

Who needs sleep 😱. May have made a miscalculation 🤷‍♀️. Time will tell

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