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High point

Just about finished visiting some of our favourite places before we start the gradual journey back.

Today with the weather looking good we headed for the hills. The Lomond hills have dominated our time in Fyfe as they are a major landmark and we have spent many a day in and around the national park.

We started up the highest of the 2 . When we reached the top the wind speed was far in excess of what we had experienced at the start of the climb.

Looking across to the second hill was where we had climbed on of our first days here. Then the winds were in excess of 40mph along with hail and rain. Toda didn't feel so different wind wise.

As always great views across Fyfe and down below to the village of Falkland with the Royal Castle.

The winds at the top must've been close too 40mph and just a gentle breeze at the bottom.

The weather stayed dry and we both feel that there's no unfinished business for us in Fyfe. It's been a great time and we will take away fond memories!

Tonight we are off to the last £3 cinema Monday night deals and tomorrow we are looking to walk along the pilgrims way to the coast. A walk we have done on a couple of occasions. Wednesday has a weather warning for rain and Thursday we are homeward bound!

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