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High winds at night and mixed weather.

Strong winds from the mountains meant a night off trepidation. Awning was taking the strain and the caravan was shaking. The new wind app installed said we were experiencing gust of up to 30mph. It seemed a lot faster. Some minor damage on site flag pole blown over along with a sign or two. One lady was chasing her awning down the site in her underwear apparently. Some storm clearance of branches and leaves, but nothing too serious. Otherwise standard day of weeding cleaning and moss scrubbing. Had the chance of an after work walk which was pleasant. Pushed steps up to over 30,000 averaging 22,000 a day which is cool.

Off tomorrow have to be up early as we are taking Gordon to the vet as he has another lump and a bad tooth. He had a mast cell tumour removed before we came up here. If it has spread then it’s the opposite of good news🥺. Fingers crossed.

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Claire Hayden
Claire Hayden
May 21, 2021

Omg wish I had seen that, rolled up laughing! Hope your streaking camper recovered her awning after all trouble she went to in her underwear! Very high winds here on the south coast, but at least we are safely tucked up in our brick homes 😆

Claire Hayden
Claire Hayden
May 21, 2021
Replying to

Sounds like you guys are living life; surrounded by all things nature, good and bad! All good down here thanks. Dan had minor surgery this week and Martin had liver specialist; probable damage from epidural abscess meds and diabetes, but they praised him for lifestyle changes which help with recovery! Missing you guys, but love seeing the scenery all around you! Xxc

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