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Hip, shoulder and bike Drs

It was a beautiful day with hardly a cloud in the sky. We had to get to the other side of Marbella for Rae's MRI scan. The route once again was mainly along the promenade which alternates from wood to marble to compressed sand. Along the way there were thousands of strange glittering things on the sand.

On closer inspection there were strange finger shaped clear sea creatures of some sort. A little like a rolled up jellyfish.

Rae went off for her MRI in a very posh hospital while the boys sat by the sea.

I had noticed that my brakes were squealing so found a very nice Argentinan bike repair shop and he managed to adapt some pads for the discs . The old ones had worn right down. It's all the hills and the added weight of the dog and trailer have taken there toll. We've been reaching speeds of 30mph plus on some of the hills round here. Have to use the breaks to ensure the trailer doesn't flip us both over.

Gordon decided to take a break right in the middle of the promenade. People had to treat him like a roundabout.

Got back in time before i had an appointment with a physiotherapist. Apparently I do have a rotator cuff injury. The bloody Dr injected me for no good reasons😏. His intervention appears too have had some positive effect so fingers crossed 🤞.

Tomorrow the weather is on our side more sunshine and temperature continues to rise. Planning a beach day!

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Yep makes one eyes water! Missing the storms 🫠


Oucher!!! Rotor Cuff hurts like hell….

Hope both of you enjoy your chill out beach day…..

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